Thursday, March 22, 2012

Slice 2012 - 22 of 31 FL wonderings

Why don't I see barns near or in the fields of cows?
How do peanuts grow?
How can the sun shine so much?
How did that house have horses and a zebra in their front yard?
Does the leg color and beak color always match for birds?

What is the speed a dolphin can swim?
I saw them swimming slower than anticipated while kayaking.

How does the design of a kayak paddle effect moving in a kayak? Canoe oars didn't work. I tried to suggest that before leaving shore. I love wondering about new things.


  1. Oooh.... I am now wondering where on earth you saw a house with a horse and zebra? Whoa! And I've never noticed that birds beaks and legs match. I'm going to be on the lookout for that now.

  2. I loved reading this Mandy, so refreshing!
    I often wonder, "Am I only one one wondering about random things day in and day out?"
    So nice to know your beautiful mind is right with me and I am not alone!

  3. I wonder why I'm not in Florida. ;o)


  4. I wonder why I'm doing jury duty next week on our spring break?