Friday, April 20, 2012

Little Giant

Little Giant by Simone Lia was my last find last weekend.  The front cover alone grabbed my attention and I wanted to get to know the character more which meant I had to read the book.  The reader learns right away this little girl is too little for many things because she is the smallest in her family.  I'm thinking many students have feelings of being too little.  Sometimes we learn she can be as big as she wants to be, thanks to her imagination!  I just love this book for promoting and celebrating imagination.  I think my students will have lots of conversations about reality and pretending.  For example, the little girls is..."so huge that I cross the only three steps."  The illustrations which will require lots of picture looking show us the desert is really her sandbox.  I even bet they could draw and write about a time when they are really big while playing.  The end is very endearing and I just can't spoil that for you.

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