Thursday, April 19, 2012

Something to Do

Something to Do by David Lucas was another bargain find this past weekend.  The story begins with a common phrase children say, "There's nothing to do."  The illustrations are drawn with a crayon or cray-pas feel and reminds me a lot of Harold and the Purple Crayon without the purple.  The colors here are barn red and navy blue on a cream background.  I think this enhances the warm feel to the simplistic illustrations.  Baby Bear is bouncing on a larger bear to wake him or her up only to declare there is nothing to do.  The bears begin a journey to find something to do.  After a long walk, there is nothing to do.  Then they find a stick and break it in half.  Two sticks let the two bears each have a stick and together they draw creating new adventures.  They decide they are hungry and return home to report in they found a little something to do to.  In reality, they found a lot to do.  The reader will have to use their eyes and think about the pictures to see the adventures that were created with the sticks.  I think it promotes using a tool or object in a new way to create fun.  The language has some repetitive parts to encourage shared reading.  This book has lots of little different tidbits and I'm anticipating it will be a favorite in our classroom.

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  1. My children are big Harold fans and would probably love this title! Thanks.