Tuesday, April 17, 2012

monster mess!

monster mess! by Margery Cuyler was another bargain deal this past weekend and I picked it up for the boys in my classroom and the language modeled.  Monster is ready to sleep and wanders upstairs to a boy's bedroom only to learn it is quite a mess.  Monster then cleans the bedroom so he is able to find space for a nap.  While Monster finds lots of little chores to do to clean up the boy's bedroom the author has carefully chosen words to describe the source of the sound or imitates the sound of the cleaning action.  For example, sweep, bang, and whishtt are examples of onomatopoeia.  I'm wondering if this little use of onomatopoeia might enhance my student's own writing.  I can see kindergarten students and first graders really enjoy discussing and generating onomatopoeia or maybe a bit more kid friendly language would be sound words.  

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