Friday, July 20, 2012

Chew, Chew, GULP!

Chew, Chew, GULP! by Lauren Thompson is going to make a great mentor text for young poets.  The Library of Congress lists this book as a simple rhyming text and it is just that.  When it comes to encouraging young writers we need to find reasonable mentor text to inspire them.  Poetry can use rhyming.  Poetry can use repetition.  Poetry can use onomatopoeia.  Poetry can use short phrases.   Poetry can use description.  This book has all of these poetry features.  The topic of this book is very familiar, it's all about eating.  Everyone eats and I think it's important for students to learn poetry can be about what is real and relevant and concrete in their lives.  I wonder if Lauren Thompson has observed children while eating because her choice of words is very descriptive and accurate for the actions they take.  Some examples are; scoop, loop,  swirl, curl and chew, chew, GULP!

Thank you to Tara at A Teaching Life for hosting Poetry Friday today.

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