Thursday, July 19, 2012

Me Want Pet!

I discovered Me Want Pet! by Tammi Sauer and illustrated by Bob Shea this past spring at our local library and knew it was a perfect fit for any kindergarten classroom.  I found it this past week at a local Half Price Book store and was thrilled.  Cave Boy had lots of things, Cave Boy things.  He has rocks, sticks, and a club.    These may not be common toys my students have but I do have students who can share cave boy's next wish.  "Me sad," said Cave Boy.  "Want pet."  So Cave Boy goes on a journey to find himself a pet.  Mama said the first one is too big.  So cave boy keeps searching and brings home a new pet.  Papa says this pet makes me sneeze.  Cave Boy takes one more journey far and wide only to return and be disappointed when Gran says it can't stay because it isn't potty trained.  Cave Boy is then very sad.  Cave Boy does find happiness after an almost tragedy of a stampede.  A perfect tragedy for a cave man setting.  I love the warm muted colors Bob Shea chose to use to illustrate this book.  This is a great book for modeling inflection for different characters and excitement as the story builds.  The range of emotions are vivid through the text and illustrations.  This book is a good companion text for Me Hungry!

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