Monday, October 15, 2012

Launching Math Journals

I launched math journals last week with my kindergarten classes thanks to k-5 math teaching resources and their kindergarten math journal e-book.  Math journals have been an on and off thing since returning to kindergarten and just watching my students last week reminded me why math journals are so important.

1.  Math journals are a spot for students to record their answers and show their thinking.
2.  Math journals are a tool that help students articulate their learning.
3.  Math journals are a tool to front load oral language and math explanations.
4.  Math journals help students organize their thoughts.
5.  Math journals help students show growth over time.

Already after two days of problem solving I can observe and see individual differences in my mathematicians.    Math journals are a window into a child's thinking and reasoning.  During our reflection time I am seeing confidence emerge as students share their thinking.  Our reflections are also causing a few students to realize they are missing a piece in their own work and rushing to get a pencil.  We are just beginning and seeing how you can revise your own work to make it  more complete is an advanced skill, that I am happy to see.

By the way - I think any teacher will want to review e-book resources from this website.  My initial thinking about this website was shared on July 16th.

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