Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I love my IPEVO camera!

I knew I needed a document camera after playing around with one last spring in my room.  I wrote a grant but it didn't get funded.  I tried to snag the building one this year without anyone noticing.  It got noticed.  I believe in sharing but in this situation I knew I wanted a document camera at my finger tips all day long.  A district technology friend suggested the IPEVO when I wrote the grant but I couldn't imagine this much less costing document camera ($69.99) doing the same as other big name document cameras.  I was wrong and learned I should listen to my friends.  

In the photo, you will notice my IPEVO Point 2 View to the right of my classroom computer.  Look at how slender and sleek this document camera is.  The IPEVO is a USB document camera.   It is easy to travel with.  It is compact and folds up into a nice little box.  I am able to set it for continuous focus or single shot focus.  I am able to capture photos of student work and share them on my website and then eventually add those to an Evernote binder (when I figure this out more)or in a cloud format for creating student portfolios.  I can turn the angle of the lens and use it as a webcam or detach it and set it on top of my computer.  I can adjust the exposure, zoom, and the direction the image is presented.  

My students love seeing my modeling enlarged on the SMARTboard.   It is so nice when everyone can see.  They also like having their own work enlarged for reflection and sharing during our day.  I have one class that is content to stand by the IPEVO and share their thinking.  My other class likes to walk over to the SMARTboard and talk about their work as it is projected.  I am fortunate enough to have a ceiling mounted projector in my room for the SMARTboard which then projects any computer image.  You will notice in the photo mine is attached to an extension stand.  I found the height made projecting books and student work easier.  I will be exploring these videos to learn more about fantastic tool and read these user stories. The cost of this little gem is worth every penny and more.  Thank you for joining my technology journey this year.

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  1. I also broke down and purchased one for this school year. Totally agree with your post-now if I just remember to use it a little bit more life will be grand (in pictures).