Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Questions, Questions {Poetry Friday}

I picked up Marcus Pfister's Questions, Questions as a mentor text for wondering and inquiry.  I loved how his questions are about every day things my students might be able to observe.  I sometimes think so much is taken for granted and we don't take the time to stop and think about what we see.  Topics Marcus Pfister questions include; seeds, colors of flowers, the sun, birds, shells, leaves, and much more.  As I read the blurb and spent time with this book it's so much more.  It's poetry.  Each question is written as a couplet.  A couplet is a pair lines in poetry that usually rhyme.  Now, it's phonemic awareness.  I'm reminded if we look carefully and work smarter not harder we can find mentor text for multiple purposes and entry points.  Here's a small sample perfect for this time of the year in the Midwest.

"What turns the leaves from green to brown 
and sends them floating gently down?"

I discovered another entry point for this book with the illustrations.  They are simply set against a white background with vibrant colors and texture.  The texture is something all readers should spend time pondering and wondering about.  I love books that describe how the illustrations were done.  Marcus Pfister shares he used thick cardboard to cut out his pieces.  Then painted each cardboard piece with acrylic paint to stamp on aquarelle paper.  The results how movement and texture that is very appealing to the reader. Marcus Pfister even encourages the reader to give this technique a try.  

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  1. Thanks so much for the book suggestion, Mandy! You always inspire me to expand my thinking. Adding the book to my shopping cart! :)