Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Joining SLICE 2013 and Tips

Yes,  I've decided to participate and create some writing via the Slice of Life challenge organized by Ruth and Stacey from Two Writing Teachers.  I was on the fence last year about joining, missed the first two days and discovered I wanted to be join in on the fun.  I loved reading what others were doing, pondering and reflecting on.  I captured tidbits of my life and noticed more within my days and what was around me.  Who wouldn't want to find a reason to slow down and capture life?  I just signed up to participate this year.  I just organized and created drafts for all 31 days within this blog.  I thought others might be pondering how to organize and keep going.  This was the process I found last year as I traveled for spring break and I just did it for each post this year.  Create 31 drafts by using this beginning title - SLICE 1 of 31 (I will add personal title).  Insert the Slice of Life button on each page.  I resize it to small and like mine on the left of each post.  I then inserted the label for each post - Slice of Life Story Challenge.  This way I can add to each draft from my laptop, PC, phone app with great ease and much quicker than making all these adjustments along the way.  I hope you will consider joining us.  I am to have a writing routine and capture life.  I hope I find a story like Leg Hair from last year at some point.

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  1. Mandy, your idea of slice drafts is brilliant! Happy slicing!