Friday, February 8, 2013

Poetry in Motion

There is a 
deferred silence
which only follows 
a deferred sound.

As when an oak falls 
when no one is around.

Kay Ryan, US Poet Laureate
October 2009         

I found this poem written in Runner's World magazine, March 2013.  I do not subscribe to this publication but my husband does.  I never thought about using running as a time to think about writing poetry or gathering ideas for a writer's notebook.  To quote the magazine and Kay Ryan, "A tree had fallen across the trail that wasn't there on my run the day before.  That inspired this poem."  I think I'm going to ponder the idea of gathering writing thoughts as I run.

If you have followed my blog for a bit you have read I dabble a bit in running.  My husband on the other hand has 3 half marathons done and has a current goal to run outside all winter long.  It's quite impressive to watch him get up and run on a Saturday am when it's in the teens.  

I am working on running again.  It's part of my One Little Word plan for the year - create.  I started off great over winter break.  The first week back to work, I didn't make it to the Y.  I repeated a week of training and am managing to fit in three days of running.  All inside on a treadmill.  I've learned I have my three favorite locations for machines; second row and far left.  I can look to the left and see the outdoors but not directly in front of a cold window.  I like the distance from the TV screens in the second row.  There is a ceiling fan overhead and some days you need it when it's steamy inside.  I have been known to be quite disappointed if my three machines are being used when I arrive.  I still prefer to run in the evening or late afternoon.  I've jazzed up my playlist and love my new mix.  Right now I'm finishing week week 6 for the second time from Train Like a Mother 5K Finish It.  I decided I wanted to feel stronger running this week and had time to repeat it.  It feels good to see 3.18 come across the treadmill screen in 33 min of walking 1 min and running 10 min.  Looking forward to week 7.    

Poetry Friday is being held this week by Tara at A Teaching Life.                                                                                      


  1. Keep up the good work!

    (Will we see an original poem inspired by your treadmill running? Re: CREATE!!)


  2. Having spent much time on trails and in the woods, I can appreciate this poem! Thanks for sharing, Mandy.

  3. Thanks for encouragement Mary Lee. I'll have to ponder poetry from treadmill. The sun and time constraints got me outside today. First winter run. I saw a bluebird. That could be poetry.

  4. Mandy,
    I'm doubting I will see anything I can write about from the elliptical machine. Honestly, it's all I can do to get myself to the gym. It is friends like you that inspire me to take a little time to get fit.

    I do think, however, you have an interesting point here. Your post is a reminder to look carefully at the ordinary things we do for the significant stories of our lives. I always enjoy the young writers in my classroom who share, not the big events of their lives, but the little stories in which they make the ordinary sound extraordinary.

    Great poem,