Sunday, March 10, 2013

SLICE 2013 - 10 of 31 A Right Now Slice,

Right now, at this moment my slice of life is enjoying one of my favorite ice cream combinations.  A just right banana sliced into circles with scoops of vanilla ice cream on top.  The bananas and ice cream are drizzled with cold chocolate sauce.  Peanuts top this creation off.  

I feel like I have the whole nutritional needs thing going on; fruit, dairy, protein and this is about the only time I really do like chocolate which certain members in my family and site lots of reasons that is good for you.

Ice cream is my one food/treat that I completely enjoy.  I believe you can never have too much ice cream.  When I was growing up going to the local ice cream store was a treat, a once in a while adventure.  Our local ice cream shop had a drive through window, it's the perfect idea!  I often got black raspberry.  I also would get a flavor called Mexican Sundae which is a spin off from  my ice cream tonight - vanilla base with chocolate syrup and peanuts tossed and mixed in.  When I could get a job during high school, I worked at this little ice cream shop and scooped ice cream through high school and college.  I never got tired of ice cream.  I never got sick of ice cream.  I still loved ice cream!  Everyone is happy when they come to get ice cream.  Have you ever been grumpy at an ice cream store?  When I travel I always look for ice cream stores. 

I have favorites at our local ice cream stores.  If I'm at Graeter's I like coffee ice cream even though I don't drink coffee.  It reminds me of the ice cream my dad would make that I wrote about earlier.  I'm not a fan of the chocolate chunk flavors at Graeter's.  At Handle's I like Spouse Like a House ice cream.  At Culver's I like a vanilla concrete mixer with fresh banana and Heath bar.  At Jeni's my favorite right now is Rainbow Yogurt but this one changes because she changes things up so often.  I like to share books with my friends and readers but we could also talk a lot about ice cream, if you want.


  1. Sounds heavenly. I gave up such goodies in December as I strive to eat healthy and bring down the cholesterol; however, I can still enjoy through others!

  2. Yum! This looks delicious. I think I'm going to have to go check the freezer in search of ice cream~

  3. I worked at an ice cream shop when I was in high school and college too! I'm with you..if ice cream is involved, I'm there in a flash. I do have to say that the chocolate chunk flavors at Graeter's are my favorite (especially Heath). My youngest worked at Culver's last summer. We got hooked on concrete mixers there. Yum!!!

  4. And now I know where Cathy got her post for today, reminiscing about banana splits with her mom.
    Wonderful post. I love how much you love ice cream!

  5. This just made me smile. Funny that I just wrote about ice-cream too. I'm not nearly the fan of ice-cream that you are though I do enjoy a cold treat every now and again. I learned a little something in your post, I learned that you once scooped ice-cream. I'm just picturing it. No wonder you are such an expert every time we visit an ice-cream shop.