Saturday, March 9, 2013

SLICE 2013 - 9 of 31 I ran my first 5k!

You can set goals.  You can work on goals.  Goals aren't accomplished unless you finish them.  Today I finished a goal I started in the spring of 2008.  Yes, if you do the math that was 5 years ago.  An awful long time to work on a goal.  My work was inconsistent.  My work was on and off.  My goal was met but not in the final form.  Final form was very public and going public means taking risks.  Risk, that's a funny word and one I'm willing to take if I know I am almost super positive I can do what might be at risk.  Then there is a point in your life when you have to say show up or be quiet.

Today I ran my first official 5k run.  I ran the Pi Day 5k, sponsored by the Teaching and Learning Collaborative.  The funds from today's run support the learning of math and science education.  Running for education seemed like a great reason to "saddle" up.  It's a smaller size run with the event drawing about 350 runners/walkers in each of it's three years of existence.  The course was held at North Bank Park which is along the stretch of the river in downtown Columbus.  It was a pretty course, I love the water.  The course was an out and back course so I could visualize how much further a bit easier on the return stretch.  The course was 3.14 miles the first three numbers of Pi.

It was a lot of fun!  I went on my own.  I arranged my day around attending for months but I didn't register until I showed up this morning.  I told no one I was going, not even my family really.  I told my middle daughter last night she was going to have to watch her sister in the morning.  This may seem odd, I didn't tell my husband.  He runs every Saturday morning with his training for a half marathon group.  He ran 9 miles today.  I didn't want hype, fan fare, or pressure.  I like to run on my own and that is just what I did.

The experience was great.  I dressed warm, I don't like to be cold.  I sported a pair of leggings and a running skirt which covered my bottom and looked a bit sporty.  Starting a run is a bit tricky.  Navigating different paces, figuring out you can pass people in the grass to find your own pace and there was a lot of bodies near mine.  For someone who runs alone my personal pace was tight.  I could pass people!  That was a bit invigorating.  No one I  passed, passed me later.  I ran the whole race and finished feeling good.  I could of gone further, for a bit.  At the finish I was passing a lady on my right when I saw someone coming up on my left, I didn't let her pass me.  I think the photographer captured my smile and wave as I finished.  

My time was 3.14 miles in 30:58 seconds!

My youngest suggested four more this year since it took me so long to do.  I think my Central Ohio Bloggers should join me next year either walking or running to support math and science learning.  I know a great breakfast place afterwards!


  1. This is so great! I've been trying to train for a 5K for a while now and I sometimes worry I'll never get there. Thanks for the inspiration and congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! Hurray for you! I love that you chose to do it in such a private way. I've been thinking a lot this year, especially watching all my blogging friends' exercise journeys, that I might take up running again, after a hiatus of about 15 years. Think I would do it like you did! And I would definitely do the breakfast part afterwards!

  3. WOWZERS!!!! Congratulations, runner girl!!! You look fabulous - and happy. Way to go!

  4. Hooray congrats!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us.