Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SLICE 2013 - 13 of 31 Why do dogs?

I have wondered this for quite some time as I walk my dogs each day.  I don't necessarily remember our first yellow lab doing this but I imagine she did.  My chocolate English Lab does and so does my Golden Retriever.  The English Lab is a girl and the Golden Retriever is a boy which means both genders do it, in my family.  They also do it 100% of the time, that is consistently.  

I wonder why my dogs turn their back and face away from me when they have a bowel movement?  Seriously, you might think this is a weird question but I do wonder this sometimes when we walk and I would love to know if anyone knows the answer.  They don't do turn away from me when they urinate.  

I mentioned this to my fourth grader the other morning and she said, "Mom, it's their way of having some privacy!"  Do dogs need privacy?  My Golden Retriever, he likes his space and takes breaks from the family.  He is content being on his own.  My English Lab does not take breaks, she is always near people, always one step away from you, and really enjoys being in the mix of life.


  1. Thank you for a morning laugh and something I will now be observing for. This is something I have never noticed about my dog. I will now be noticing.

  2. Hmm - I think it has to be linked to privacy. My dog does the same thing. :)

  3. I think it's the privacy thing. Max turns, but then turns his head back toward me with his big brown eyes saying "Do you have to watch me?"