Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SLO General Tips

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In the state of Ohio teachers are learning about a new initiative SLO - Student Learning Objectives that will be required for teachers without standardized testing to show growth and report value added information.  My district hired an SLO consultant who is offering a hybrid class on this new process.  In an effort to be proactive and having to do this for two kindergarten classes, I wanted to have suggestions and guidance before this all begins in August.  We had our first session yesterday and I found it very helpful.  These are some general tips and information I gathered from our first meeting.

-SLO is job embedded work we must do.

-Each teacher will work on 2 SLO targets for the year.

-SLO are written for an August - April time frame.

 -It may be possible SLO will need to be adjusted during the year.

- The first year will have hiccups and adjustments along the way.

-You will want a checklist of things you need in each section.

-Front load pre-assessment with low, medium, and high questions.

-We will want to show growth throughout the school year not just a beginning and ending assessment.

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