Thursday, March 14, 2013

SLICE 2013 - 14 of 31 Listen to their Song and their Heart

I spent two hours tonight in a middle school cafeteria at the Tyler Run Idol.  My youngest B sang in the talent show this year.  It was her second year to participate.  I am so proud of her for standing up and singing in front of a few hundred people, all on her own.  It's inspiring to watch elementary students do all kinds of kid talent with courage and fun.  I think the real story is the back story that got us to being a talent show participant family.

Last year B brought home a sing up sheet for the school talent show.   I didn't really think we had a "talent" to share.  She likes lots of things.  She wanted to sing.  She sings every day.  She sings every car ride, at the top of her lungs.  She sings by herself.  I didn't want to come up with an outfit and organize practices.  I didn't want her to get up there and have it not go so well.  I threw the paper away.  She got upset with me when she didn't get a confirmation sheet for participating.  I admitted I threw it away.  She went to the office and got a new form.  Our so kind secretary helped her out with a new form.  B filled out the form, I think parent signature and all and turned it back in to our so kind secretary.  Days before we were signed up and I realized she was determined, there was no possibility of not showing.

We went to the talent show and I was still worried about her getting through her song.  I felt very nervous for her.  She sang by herself with confidence, courage, and strength.  I was so proud of her and again I am tonight for singing again on a stage in front of lots of  people.  Last summer we took some voice lessons, I'm going to look into that again.  She enjoys singing and I think singing fills her heart.  We've always tried to support their interest and find things that fill their hearts.  Singing fills this daughter's heart and I found out when I stopped to listen to her song.


  1. I love the determination that B showed in getting another form and having it filled out. Very cool.