Sunday, March 24, 2013

SLICE 2013 - 24 of 31 Armadillo!

I saw an armadillo at 7:30am this morning.  I was sneaking out of the house for an early morning walk.  I wanted to go with peace in the air and no technology.  I turned and went down a short little sidewalk.  I saw a pair of squirrels.  I heard a scratching noise.  I bit strange sounding so I turned around to look and there was an armadillo!  I've seen one at the Columbus Zoo during Girl Scouting events over the years and those always fit in one hand.  This did not!  It was bigger than a cat.  It was up on tiny toes, long tail, beady eyes and a hard shell.  This strands of hair.  Yikes.  It started to follow me and I didn't know how fast one could get going.  Lucky for me, it turned around and went to the neighbors yard.  I was starting to envision it was related to a rhino and could grow at rapid speeds to catch me!  I have been so disappointed all day long that I didn't have my camera.  The girls brought sketching things and I always encourage writers in my classroom to sketch to help tell stories.  We sat and sketched together.  Vacation is good.


  1. ACK! Your description of the armadillo makes him seem very threatening! I was greeted by an oppossum this week - guess all the animals are ready for spring!

  2. Cool picture. I'm surprised te armadillo didn't jump up toward you. Shoo it away, they dig and can make an awful mess of your yard.