Sunday, March 31, 2013

SLICE 2013 - 31 of 31 Did I know? and Reflections

Today while I we were making Easter dinner I decided to make some deviled eggs.  I asked my husband who I have known for 25 years and been married to for almost 22 years if he liked deviled eggs and he said, "I love deviled eggs!" Every year we color hard boiled eggs and I might eat a couple as hard boiled eggs but I don't think I've ever made deviled eggs in my life until today.  As we were busy putting together all the different dishes for our family dinner I kept thinking to myself, how have I known him this long and didn't know he loves deviled eggs?  Are there other things I don't know, if I just stop and notice or listen more?  This writing challenge has made me notice things more personally and professionally this month.  Writing every day has been joyful and something I've looked forward to.  It was easy and I never seemed to struggle with something to write about because I truly thought of it as a slice - a small piece of writing.  My grandma who I've written like a couple of times this month use to take many slivers of pie at Thanksgiving.  She couldn't turn anything down and rationalized trying everything with a sliver.  I have one more day of vacation.  I'm going to try to balance it with a few things to do for me and spend time with my girls.  I hope to continue capturing slices of life and I'm pondering which format I might use; digital or in a paper notebook.  I also think Grandma had more writing advice, as life gets busy again maybe a sliver of writing will be okay.  Thank you for joining me on this journey to grow as a writer.


  1. Love the sliver of writing will be okay. Such a nice thought on busy days!

  2. I have enjoyed your "writing like Grandma" slices. Lots of information conveyed with few words. Enjoy your final day of vacation! I envy you... we're back to school tomorrow.

  3. That is great that you can discover new things about each other even after 20 years! I bet he was happy you took the time to learn how to make him his favorite deviled eggs. Maybe that will become a new tradition.