Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Slice of Life - Me in Numbers

I was going to bed.  I clicked on Cathy's blog Merely Day by Day and started reading some of her monthly slices and decided I wanted to play around with an idea she got from other slicers.  I thought about continuing to slice weekly so here I am back again.  My friend Franki talks about me as a reader, why not collect numbers about yourself?  It's important to model math more for our students and show how we use math in our lives.

Me in Numbers

1 pet rabbit
2 dogs
3 girls
4  bird feeders in my backyard and in my observation window at school
5 people in my family
6 chairs at my kitchen table
7 a hard number to connect with
8 Regie Routman books on my shelf
9 cousins including myself

4000 the address of my house
2200 the address of my first house
528 the address  for my school
21 years I have lived in OH
3 plane trips this school year
44 students in my room - 2 classes
104 my room number
3 colleges I went to
487 twitter followers
3,298 tweets posted
144 my old room number
3 schools I've taught in
2 districts I have taught in
3 adult Saint Bernard dogs in our house at one time growing up
2 liters of Saint Bernard puppies we had


  1. Very interesting numbers! What a great idea to think about and model for students how we use the numbers every day...
    7-you probably work 7 days a week, right? :)

  2. Amy, you are so right - I do work 7 days a week!

  3. I like this idea. I will try it. :-)

  4. I have really enjoyed the numbers and am tempted to do my own. Two litters of Saint Bernard puppies!!!! Wow. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  5. Mandy,
    If anyone should write a "me in numbers" post, it is you. I like the way you went in numerical order at the beginning of the post using 1-9. I wonder if my first graders could do this?

    It's funny how much you can learn about someone just be reading their numbers. I'm glad to see you are planning to write slices on Tuesdays. I think having so many of my friends giving it a try will keep me motivated.


  6. Cathy,
    I think having students think about numbers in their lives shows the importance and purpose for numbers. It's a bit like environmental print in literacy. Sequencing the numbers took more time than the general flow of numbers. It might be easier to start with the general flow.

    Today I would add 30 text messages just today about buying a prom dress from N. Numbers can insightful, aren't they?