Friday, March 8, 2013

SLICE 2013 - 8 of 31 Playing with Poetry

Playing with Poetry

Four furry feet
Times two
Eight furry feet
a steady beat
Under the moon.

Playing with Poetry, again.

The crescent moon
is all aglow
The stars
are twinkling bright
The cool crisp air
is chilly to my cheeks
As I start my day
just right.

I went to bed a bit earlier last night, not much but it's a start in the right direction which made getting up earlier easier to enjoy my morning walk with my two furry friends.  I thought what could I slice early in my day and wondered if I could write some poetry.  I decided maybe I didn't need a great polished poem on the first try and decided I was just playing around with poetry.  Isn't that what we ask our students to do?  I imagine these snippets belong in a writer's notebook so they can percolate.

Poetry Friday is hosted by  Heidi at my juicy little universe.


  1. You're right! We do ask students to play with words and generate poems. They will love that you're joining them. Also, you wrote two adorable poems!

  2. You are so right...I have found that poems are EASIER to generate than other posts - at least at times! It's hard to keep all aspects of our lives afloat - but ask a busy person to get a job done and you will likely get it done!

  3. I love writing poems in my head while I walk in the early morning dark! You captured two fun ones!

    1. I just found out a writing technique from a published poet!

  4. Love that you captured your morning with your furry friends here.

  5. I'm glad you had the chance to "play" with poetry. They sound great to me.

  6. Fun little poems, Mandy! I especially like the lines:
    "Eight furry feet
    a steady beat"
    I feel the rhythm of your morning walk. Thanks for sharing these today. =)

  7. It's hard to do what we ask of students! But it is so good for us to walk in their shoes, so we know how to encourage!

  8. Lots of good writing comes when we just do it!

  9. Mandy,
    If you get this comment twice it is because Blogger has gone crazy tonight! You amaze me! Not only did you manage to get up early and walk this morning, but you also managed to write??? What time do you get up in the morning? You are a bundle of productive energy.

    Mandy, I enjoyed your poems. I just pictured you walking around the streets in darkness with your furry friends mumbling poetic lines. ;o) Seriously, I'm going to have to show these to my students. We've been talking about the ways authors/poets choose interesting words to help strengthen their writing. These are perfect examples.


  10. After many months of thinking about it, I finally took two minutes and found the voice recorder on my cell phone. Like many, I do a lot of composing while I walk, even if I'm listening to music, and I'm looking forward to actually getting some of it down by recording my playing with poetry while I walk. Nice slice!