Wednesday, June 12, 2013

a funny little bird

a funny little bird by Jennifer Yerkes is a book that will require readers to use their picture clues.  Funny Little  Bird is hard to see, the bird is almost invisible because she or he is white and the background papers are all white.  Jennifer Yerkes has done a cleaver job illustrating Funny Little Bird and outlining it's body with the simple objects in the scene for each page.  This book has a couple of messages students will be able to discuss and connect with.  I think students will want to discuss how Funny Little Bird is made fun of, goes off on his own, is made fun of again and decides to not be sad.  I think students will love to talk about the beautiful things Funny Little Bird collects and how he is easier to see when he is holding his collection.  Funny Little Bird gets pretty excited to show off his collection and gets noticed by someone he doesn't want to get noticed by.  Little Funny Bird gets safe and realizes he is special for a reason and is able to help others.  This might be a great book to start the year with.

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  1. This is special on many levels, but most dramatically for visual innovation: white space, negative space, crisp edges with minimal line. It is also a wonderful story of self-concet, problem-solving, creativity, and friendship, with a dash of science thrown in (camouflage). Definitely a book that will draw rears back again and again, always making new discoveries.