Tuesday, June 11, 2013


HOW TO BE A CAT by Nikki McClure was calling my name at the public library this week.  I found the title interesting.  I'm not a cat person.  I've never owned a cat and I certainly have more dog books in my classroom library than cat books.  I think this is the first cat book, I am in love with!

The illustrations are crisp and clean.  Nikki McClure cut black paper and set it against a white background.  Each page has one word describing what the cats are doing, in a perfect shade of periwinkle blue.  This story follows Small Kitten as she learns from Big Cat.  Small Kitten learns how to act like a cat, how to be brave, how to play, how to take care of himself, and how to hunt.  I love the ending page, Small Kitten learns how to dream.  I think Big Cat carefully teaches and guides Small Kitten.  I know the text will be perfect for my emerging readers to feel successful as readers.  I will have to add this to our classroom collection and you might want to too.

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