Friday, December 6, 2013

#Nerdlution Solution {Poetry Friday}

#Nerdlution Solution

oh no,
my toe,
won't let me go!

ingrown nail
reduced my pace
to that of a snail
I won't win a race

tweet #nerdlution
for a solution
you might like
riding a bike

that might not go
in the snow

no biking in the snow, silly
the wheels will go all, willy

I think you swim at a pool
if they have bikes
that would be cool.

My friend Mary Lee sent a tweet asking permission to skip a few days of walking last night from her #nerdlution because she had an infected toe.  Part of #nerdlution is the community we are developing to support each other while taking care of ourselves.  When I was thinking of a reply, I knew my audience. Mary Lee is a poet.  When we are passionate about something or interested in something we will closely read.  I chose to write a bit of poetry to Mary Lee in hopes she would consider my suggestion a bit more and find a solution to keep going with her #nerdlution.  I should of known Mary Lee would reply suggesting I had a poem for Poetry Friday.  I did and it freed me to go beyond a 140 character tweet.

I do hope your toe is feeling better Mary Lee.

Thank you Robyn of Life on the Deckle Edge for hosting Poetry Friday this week.


  1. Love your poem, Mandy. Perfect note to Mary Lee.

  2. Now this is a lovely response to Mary Lee's ode to her toe. Beautifully written, mandy. :)

  3. HAH! Love how it turned out!! I thank you, my toe thanks you. We're both feeling much better, especially now that we have our own poem!