Monday, December 9, 2013

RUBY in Her Own Time

RUBY in Her Own Time by Jonathan Emmett and Rebecca Harry is a mentor text for classrooms and families.  I learned about this book from our school psychologist while we were meeting with parents a few weeks ago.  As she shared the about the book with my family, she talked about her own children and how they learned and developed at different rates.  This can present tension in a home.  It can be difficult for students in a classroom to watch their peers learning and grasping concepts at different rates.  This book a must have for both home and school.

Mother and Father duck have five eggs.  Four ducklings hatch right on time.  The fifth egg takes a bit but hatches healthy.  I love all five ducklings have names that start with R; Rufus, Rory, Rosie, Rebecca, and Ruby.  Ruby watches her siblings grow and have new adventures.  They learn to eat, swim, and fly while Ruby does it in her own time and when she learns to fly she surpasses her siblings.  The observations and dialogue between mother and father duck is just enduring.

My school psychologist and the mother of student in my classroom both shared how their children connected to Ruby.  Both families found the phrase, in your own time very helpful in their families conversations at home.  I could see this as a very helpful phrase when building community and maintaining community throughout the year.

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