Monday, January 6, 2014

One Little Word 2014

Happy New Year 2014, better late than never and I wanted to share with you my One Little Word for 2014.  Instead of creating a New Years Resolution and always wanting to have many I've chosen to participate in the One Little Word project and ideas from scrapbooker/storyteller Ali Edwards.  If you haven't read anything by Ali, I highly recommend you stop by her blog.  The past six years I have chosen enjoy, aware, nuture, discover, change, and create.  Create was a lot of fun because I really focused on making things again and different ways I could create.  I could create with my sewing machine, my technology tools, my bicycle and running, I could create thinking with my reading, and various other things.  I really think I thought longer with more intention about my word last year.  

As I began thinking about 2014 and what the year ahead holds for me there is a list of known things.  I know my oldest is going to graduate from high school and leave in August for college.  I know my middle daughter is leaving middle school and going to high school.  I know my youngest is leaving elementary school, the building I teach in and going to middle school. I know things will change in our home.  I know I have a new Honda mini van coming with some upgrades, thank you honey.  I know our seven year old rabbit is getting old.  I know next August my own coming and leaving work will feel very different without any of the girls with me.  

I know I want to write more via my blog, my Choice Literacy work, and my own personal family writing.  I know I want to read more professionally and books my daughters are reading to help stay connected and foster conversations.  I know I want to continue taking a sewing class here and there in hopes to offer more help when fair projects roll around.  I ran my first and only 5k last year, I know I want to repeat that or more this year.  I know teaching is going to throw some curve balls and demands that might make my arm hair stand straight up and give me the chills.  I know going down from third grade to kindergarten was quite a curve ball and a game changer.  I know I'm ready to straighten out that pitch and make some necessary changes in what I do and how I think so my heart is happier.  

I am welcoming the word - EMBRACE for 2014.  I just created this "logo" with a photo I took earlier this week.  I love the  message of embrace.  A beautiful blue sky on a cold crisp day with paths of white leading somewhere.  The trees are bare ready to embrace the current weather and the daily, seasonal changes ahead.  It's interesting how embrace is within my blog title but didn't surface to any of my thinking when making this word decision.  I can't wait to share my journey with you. 


  1. We can choose what we want to embrace in life. It sounds like you're opening your arms and embracing what stands before you with grace. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you in 2014.

  2. Such a great word to guide a year. It fits beautifully with your previous words.

  3. I love the word embrace. It has so many possibilities. Looking forward to hearing your stories (and maybe seeing you in a few weeks!)

  4. Right away I noticed the tie of this word to your blog. I love little connections like that. Of course, what made me happiest was to read you plan to write more here. I know in 2013 you wrestled with that a bit. Looking forward to following your journey to EMBRACE all you have going on in 2014.