Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Slice of Life...I put myself in a timeout.

I was trying to work downstairs in the kitchen to plan some content learning around the properties of materials.  I was trying to reserve books from the public library after seeing my Amazon cart was over one hundred dollars in paperback books that would great for teaching this unit.  My environment included a scientist trying to make her own homemade bubble solution in one jar and a crazy concoction of spices with bubble solution in another jar.  A budding pretzel chef.  One husband in the dining room who was also off for the day because it was too cold to build cars in the plant., trying to make a work phone call.  A returning from a breakfast date daughter, that well lasted a couple of hours through the lunch crowd, reporting in on all the news about water line breaks and areas without power.  They were just sitting by the fireplace at Panera and just talked to each other and lost track of time.  

I still wanted to be part of the family and still be on vacation.  I needed to get some planning and thinking done for school and thought it would go very quickly and had grand plans for getting back to vacation business. Obviously, I wasn't getting much done and put myself in a timeout in my bedroom.  As I sat up there working, things quieted downstairs.  I went down for a cup of tea to discover my three girls settled in with a computer game, the oldest played a lot.  I went back to work and settled back in to my quiet setting.  All of a sudden I heard the song, Brown Eyed Girl being sung by a choir at the top of their lungs and giggles galore.  My oldest is our only brown eyed girl and she loves to sing this song.  I sat in my quiet setting and thought, sometimes I have to step out of the picture to allow them to embrace sisterhood.  

Thank you Betsy at Two Writing Teachers for hosting this week.


  1. Oh, what a beautiful moment you captured. You got to enjoy it, if only from afar. You worked hard to make that moment happen. Not today, but all of the days of their lives leading up 'til today.

  2. Sometimes, we do need to step away...but first we need to be in the thick of things, a part of the process. You had the experience of both, Mandy - a double delight. I love that your girls sing along to Van Morrison - so cool!

  3. Love where this slice ended . . . with your daughters! I joke with my little ones who are 3 and 1/2 that I would LOVE to go to timeout!!! :) Hope you got all you wanted accomplished.

  4. Lovely. I like the everydayness of the slice. I can relate as a mom of three girls. It is heart warming to hear three daughters laughing together.

  5. This is the perfect kind of Slice of Life -- bringing us into a moment of your world and even now, I hear the soundtrack ("Hey, where did we go ...") I know that feeling of looking at a book order, and thinking: how did that tally get so high so quick? And, I have to remove a book from the list? Turning to the local library is smart.
    Take care
    PS -- I am stopping here as part of my 50 comments at 50 blogs over 50 days Nerdlution effort. Thanks for writing.