Thursday, March 20, 2014

SLICE 2014 - 20 of 31 Quadrilateral News Flash in K.

News flash!  

Quadrilaterals have made their way to kindergarten.  

I could give you the background of my pre-assessment for geometry, one on one interviews, and modeling a picture shape sort with my students where we sorted shapes into groups labeling them; circles, triangles, hexagon, and quadrilaterals.  I could give you the background of teaching kindergarten students to say the word quadrilateral, which is a mouth full and learning there are 5 syllables in quadrilateral.  Five syllables make a long word.  I could give you the background where earlier in the day my students exploded upon entering the art room to repeat the word quadrilateral over and over to Mrs. K.  She looked at me a bit puzzled and I said we have some new learning and are very excited.  

All of this does matter but it really doesn't because what really matters is our discovery during snack today!  Enjoy.


  1. Nothing else need be said! Wonderful example, fun to see & hear!

  2. That is absolutely darling! What a great opportunity to apply new learning!

  3. That's some real life math for you! How neat that your student made that video w/you. Love it!