Friday, March 21, 2014

SLICE 2014 21 of 31 Professional Stimulation

Professional stimulation.  
Two words that jumped to my mind when I woke up this morning.  

Life is busy teaching full time, raising a family, and completing report cards while dreaming about sunny Florida.   Somehow, within this week I have managed to attend dinner with friends one evening to talk about technology.  I adore this group of local friends who all teach outside my district.  I seem to fit right in with them, so much they forget where I actually teach.  They shared brilliant projects they were doing and things they were trying with their students.  Many of them teach older students.  They also have a variety of tools within their rooms or building to use.  I listened a lot and hope to be invited back with a bit more to share.  I certainly was inspired.

Another night after school, I attended the second session for a class within my district about global literature.  I love this class.  The professor is a teacher within our district and she loves books as much if not more than I do.  I ordered a book during class and came home to order three more all representative of Africa.  

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting with another instructor to make up a class I had to miss during parent teacher conference for the Literacy Connection.  I really appreciate working with people who are able to help me, when my schedule gets a bit busy.  I can't wait to visit and discuss Celebrating Writers by Ruth Ayers.

I've blogged each night a small slice, too.

Professional stimulation keeps me going.  It feeds my soul when things seem dark.  It's wonderful to find people to talk to about the positive in teaching and how we can learn and grow as educators.  While I always have blogs to read, twitter to check, text messaging to use meeting with people face to face is far better.  I'm glad I found professional stimulation this week because spring break is a week away.  


  1. Aaa yes, I love the line about face to face meeting - sometimes I get utterly overwhelmed by the shear amount of professional information right at my fingertips. Some days I feel I can't possibly absorb anything else... Sounds like perfect timing. Hope spring break gives you time away from professional stimulation for personal and family rejuvenation!

  2. Face to face, the instant reactions and answers and connection, even the face to face comfortable silence, the breath, the scent and the warmth of a human body, can never be replaced by technology.I like your term ' professional stimulation.' Happy Spring!

  3. Like you, I'm thankful for those connections and continuous professional learning.