Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SLICE 2014 - 26 of 31 Waiting

I've read a lot of books on parenting over the past 18 years.  I've read books about what to expect before the girls came.  I've read books on what to do that first year over and over.  I've read books on different ages, as they grew.  I've read books about raising girls and sisters.  I've read books on how to talk to your child so they will listen.  I've read books on teenage discipline and habits of effective families.  However, yesterday I realized all of these books never used the word waiting.  We were at a special tooth doctor for a check up that turned into over an hour appointment.  As a parent, we have to wait.  We have to wait while they get themselves dressed and learn self help skills.  We have to wait for various doctor appointments for different reasons.  We have to wait for practices and lessons to start and finish.  We have to wait for them to get in the car.  We have to wait while they make decisions.  While waiting can be hard and something we didn't expect whether you are a parent or not.  Waiting is a natural outcome of relationships and waiting happens if it's just one person.  The word waiting stuck with me today and I realized waiting brings different things to our lives.  Sometimes waiting brings the outcome we want and hope for and sometimes waiting doesn't but either way waiting can strengthen us.


Waiting teaches independence.
Waiting takes patience.
Waiting brings calm.
Waiting brings frustration.
Waiting brings stamina.
Waiting brings persistence.
Waiting brings conversations.
Waiting brings thinking.
Waiting brings silence.
Waiting brings reflection.
Waiting takes time.
Waiting teaches strength.


  1. Interesting! I never thought about waiting as a big part of parenting, but you're right! It starts with waiting for them to be born!! Waiting for them to learn something the hard way. At least while we're waiting at doctor's offices, sports events, and in front of the school, we can read. ;-)

  2. This is so insightful, Mandy! Like Holly, I never thought about waiting as having positive aspects (I can be very impatient!). I especially love the idea that waiting teaches strength. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mandy,
    I agree with your line of thought here. Waiting does bring all that you wrote about and usually at just the right time too!

  4. Mandy, This is the first chance I've had to visit your blog this month and I think there was some Divine Intervention. I needed to read this post today. :) You're right, waiting does bring us all of those things. Thank you!

  5. I love your thinking about waiting. It is both taxing and a blessing.
    Your poem is wonderful!