Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Daily 5, 2nd Edition - Initial Thinking

The Daily 5, Second Edition by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser is a book based on the same global ideas and thinking as the first edition but it’s a brand new book!  The second edition of The Daily 5 is filled with details and new thinking.  It’s truly a gift to readers because Gail and Joan have observed, tried new things, and reflected on the implementation of their workshop model. 

The biggest feature I love about this second edition is the explicit language Gail and Joan use to show the readers what is new in this text.  They often refer to what they use to think and now they have made these changes.  This is why anyone would buy a second edition.  Every time I read about these changes, I found myself agreeing and thinking this makes so much sense.

I’d like to share with you a few things I’ve really enjoyed reading and thinking about in this new edition. 

1.  Early on in the text Gail and Joan have the reader thinking about the progression of their work and the work within your classroom.  They do a great job helping the reader think about seat work, centers, workshops, and Daily 5.

2.  As a primary teacher of kindergarten students I was relieved to learn we might use just three rounds of a Daily 5 format, each day.

3.  Another interesting thought to ponder, is watching and observing the students and their stamina to know when to switch Daily 5 work sessions.  Each work session doesn’t have to be from the same number of minutes each time.

4.  Mini lessons need to be mini and Gail and Joan have done some great thinking about brain functions and student’s attention span.

5.  Gail and Joan have spent time rethinking how to foster independence using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic avenues.  When introducing any classroom routine or workshop component, they confirm it takes more time.  It’s so important for us to remember the reasons  why things take time and they share those with us.

6.  10 Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence

7. Some reorganization in the order in which the Daily 5 components are introduced.

8.  The how, why, and importance of student choice!

9.  The fine balance and no need to rush for complete student choice right from the start.

10.  The foundation lesson series for launching the Daily 5 for the first 15 days.

I’m excited and thrilled to share I’m participating in the The Daily 5 Stenhouse blog tour next week.  I’ve had the opportunity to read the book, take notes, reflect and then ask questions of Gail and Joan to share with you.  They will stop by next Tuesday, May 6th to answer my questions and I know you will find nuggets of goodness in their answers.  Not only, do we get to visit with Gail and Joan but Stenhouse is giving away a free copy of The Daily 5, Second Edition to one blog reader who leaves a comment during their visit.

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