Monday, May 5, 2014

The Daily Five, 2nd Edition - Reflection

I’m excited and thrilled to share I’m participating in the The Daily 5 Stenhouse blog tour TOMORROW!  Gail and Joan are stopping by tomorrow, Tuesday, May 6th to answer my questions and I know you will find nuggets of goodness in their answers.  Not only, do we get to visit with Gail and Joan but Stenhouse is giving away a free copy of The Daily 5, Second Edition to one blog reader who leaves a comment during their visit.

You know you've read a good book when it sticks with you for a few days and you find yourself thinking about it while doing dishes and the house is all a buzz.  The girls are coming and going, asking questions, telling me information and I keep thinking about CHOICE in the Daily 5.  My mind kept wandering and thinking about choice because I have always had my literacy block as a reading workshop.  I love the hum of the classroom when everyone is reading at the same time.  It is Read to Self but everyone is doing it at the same time.  As I washed the dishes I wondered, why am I doing it this way?  It's the one component I haven't been able to try differently even after reading The Daily Five at the beginning of each year.  Sometimes our roots hold us firmly in place.  However, I'm rethinking this now and will continue to explore my thinking for next year.  Gail and Joan discuss the reasons and research supporting choice starting on p25.  

I'd like to share three phrases from Gail and Joan that are rumbling around in my mind.

1.  "...the opportunity, to choose has to be earned and occurs only after instruction and practice."

2.  "When we have some say in the matter, we are much more motivated to complete the task."

3.  "Early in our careers we had little trust and little respect for students, and we gave them little choice in their learning."

You can find my initial thinking after reading The Daily 5, Second Edition here.

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