Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Slice of Life - Slices All Around

When one steps back with a big to do list and several events on their plate one has to know when to stop something and take a break.  I'm so glad I did just that these past three weeks.  My life has been a whirlwind of joyous moments and busy to dos.  When I thought about returning today, I thought about not returning.  Come on, vacations are good but I made a commitment and wanted to keep my word about joining my Slice of Life community today.  When I thought about one slice for today, truly a small moment my mind raced with several.  Sometimes writers make lists to capture seed ideas to pursue further.  Sometimes these seed ideas turn into bigger pieces and sometimes they don't.   I hope by sharing some of my small moments while I was away, we can catch up.

1. High School Graduation - teary eyed but didn't cry.
2. Middle School Graduation - cried.
3. Fifth Grade Graduation - didn't cry, oldest sat there elbowing me.
4. Cleaned and packed my room - I'm teaching second grade next year!
5. Spring cleaning - painted my fireplace mantel twice.
6. Family and friends came to help w/ grad party prep, thank goodness.
7. Softball games - double headers are long
8. Grad party took a lot of preparation and patience - I heard, Mom a lot
9. Absolutely beautiful - weather, setting, details, food, friends, family, and fun
10.  Exhausted for a couple of days, getting back on summer track!

It's good to be back and maybe my list of ten needs one more -

11. I got an OSU Mom t-shirt from my daughter, before grad party, I cried.


  1. Wow-three graduations! You remind of the Memorial Day wedding of my son & daughter-in-law, the weekend before school was out! What a crazy time that was. Congratulations to all your "moving on" children, & to the parents who survived. But actually, I love #9 most of all!

  2. Perfect choice; step back. Congrats on second grade and relishing your to do list. Can't wait to visit this summer.

  3. Lists are good! I survive on lists. Looking forward to hearing about more on the list!

  4. Wowza, you HAVE been busy! Glad you took a minute to capture these moments!

  5. 3 Graduations and moving to second grade - so many changes. Good to have family and friends around to help and celebrate. I agree, that sometimes a list is the best thing to write.

  6. Okay, the 2nd grade news is big! I knew it might be in the works, but a huge congratulations. I know you came to love kindergarten, but one class all day long - heaven!
    If anyone could handle al those things on her plate at the same time, I would definitely have said you were the one. Wow! I got tired reading your list. Love that a home decorating plan was there. :)
    Congratulations on all 3 girls' graduations!