Saturday, June 7, 2014

Celebrate this Week

Today I'm joining Ruth Ayers and Celebrate this Week.

I just can't resist the opportunity to spend time with my local blogging friends.  I love receiving an email suggesting we gather for breakfast and shop for books.    I know summer is near when the invite comes.  I know when the day arrives, we are in summer mode.  It's fun to talk about summer plans and share snippets of our lives.  I'm grateful to be included with this group and today I am celebrating all the wonderful book advice they gave me.  They were able to think about first graders and what they are reading when they end the year.   I had suggestions from third grade teachers who know where they need to go.  I was looking for newer characters and books in a series to help foster more reading.  I came home with Baby Mouse, Squish, Andy Shane, Bink and Gollie, to name a few.

As you can imagine, being in the same bookstore with this fine group of readers could be and is dangerous.  A couple of times suggestions were coming to me from other aisles and across the room.  This was interesting the majority suggested a series of three books as a read aloud for second grade and a librarian that was with us was not in favor.  So much not in favor, the rejection was made from across the store.  I didn't buy the book and thought I must check it out from the library first.  I am celebrating such kindness as I figure out what might interest a second grade reader.


Thanks to

Mary Lee and Franki from A Year of Reading
Karen and Bill from Literate Lives,
Tony from Tony's Notebook
Katie from Book Groupie

for allowing me to celebrate friendship and keep those book suggestions coming.

I'm also celebrating Donalyn Miller's #bookaday reading challenge this summer.  I've envied teachers in previous summers and loved following what everyone was reading, often gathering ideas for school and/or for one of my three daughters.  I was at the public library this week and decided I could join #bookaday and focus on finding books just right for second grade readers.  You can find out what I'm reading daily by joining me on twitter or instagram, links to the right.


  1. Such a fun morning...even if I was still a little out of it! (I snagged your picture...hope you don't mind!)

  2. How wonderful that you all live near enough to visit! Looks like an amazing time! I look forward to seeing what you share on #bookaday. We still gave 8 days left of school. Can't wait to have more reading time!

  3. Lucky you to be so close to your blogging friends that you actually get to see them in a bookstore! I am envious and wondering what the series of books were...

    1. Hi Julieanne,
      I got Babymouse, Squish, Andy Shane, Bink and Gollie, and Magic Bone - which I've never heard of but was highly recommended. Lulu by Judith Viorst had many yes for a read aloud but one big no. That is my one to check out via the library. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. This sounds like a marvelous time. I admire you for the 'wait till I check it out' before buying a whole series. Being with a group sometimes means 'contagious' buying! Happy Reading, Mandy!

  5. I also totally snagged the picture - thanks for being the responsible one! I love our times together, and you captured it here so well.
    Enjoy #bookaday !!

  6. I love your breakfast/book celebration! I am sure the bookstore trip was very dangerous but lots of fun too! Good luck with #bookaday!

  7. Sounds like so much fun! I love the other series you mention but I don't know Andy Shane, so I'm off to investigate.

  8. What a great way to spend time. Such a wonderful launch to summer mode. Happy reading!

  9. Love hearing about your bookstore adventures. I have read Lulu aloud - to my own children when they were younger and to a Gr 2/3 class. It was lots of fun. Many, many giggles.