Saturday, August 2, 2014

Celebrate This Week

So, excited to be back and celebrating this week with Ruth Ayers.  
Thank you for hosting, Ruth.

Today I wanted to celebrate taking a month off from blogging and give a sneak peak to what is ahead in my writing journey.  I've thought about writing and realize shorter post will allow for more writing.  Also, having a monthly plan/outline can guide my writing.  I hope to share more later about this.  I've studied some blogs I follow outside the education word and discovered some features I like and think I can carryover to my own format.  I hope you can stop by and join me this month.  While walking on vacation this week I dictated a list of posts I hope to write during a month.

Authors New to Me
Classroom Lens
Familiar Authors, New Story
Math Monday
Old Friends Have Returned
Out and About
Professional Learning
Series for Second Grade

Writing Communities I hope to participate with each month

Celebrate This Week
Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge
Poetry Friday
Slice of Life


  1. I think it really helps to know which communities we wish to participate in regularly and have specific ideas for regular posts. I love some of these ideas. Anything where we get to peek into other classrooms is a favourite of mine so I love the Classroom Lens idea. Looking forward to what you will be sharing!

  2. Mandy, I enjoyed reading your blog post and look forward to meeting up with you on Poetry Friday and Celebrate This Week. Perhaps, you would be interested in joining me and other writers at REFLECT WITH ME:Summer Serenity where I will unveil a gallery of poetic expressions on summer serenity in late August. If so, please see Happy writing.