Friday, August 1, 2014


I always admire how my friend Mary Lee uses Flicker and shares photos each month.  I decided the best way to talk about renewal and show you what I've been up to is visually with a photo format.  It's nice to be back!
Row 1 - knit a scarf, watched softball, composting
Row 2 - farmer's market, 4H cooking project, college shopping
Row 3 - 4H sewing project, Jeni's ice cream, Fitbit love
Row 4 - Seabrook Island, SC, 23 years of marriage, dolphin watching
Row 5 - Reading in the car, on the beach, while it rained
Row 6 - Sunset, beach walk, and sunrise

Not shared via photos - 
bike riding, sewing a skirt for myself, reorganizing my creative space.  

I hope you've been following my #bookaday adventures via twitter or Instagram.


  1. You clearly had the perfect elements of summer that helped you to relax and renew. I like how you combined vibrant colors in the first collage and more serene photos in the second collage.

  2. This post almost slipped by me! Love Love LOVE your photos. (Makes me wish I hadn't killed my Instagram account...)

    1. I'm so glad you found your inspiration. Come back to Instagram!