Monday, August 25, 2014

Math Monday - What manipulatives do you have?

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I had a different post in mind for today but thought everyone might benefit from a question Franki from A Year of Reading posted on last week's post, Where are your math manipulatives?  Franki asked, What are all the manipulatives that you have?  

Before we get to the list of ideas I want to share why the color tiles, unifix cubes and plastic bears are sorted by color.  When I attended a session by the lovely ladies who are the Developmental Math Group at an OCTM conference, I learned students can focus more on the math at hand if the color of the tool is the same color.  How many times have you tried to count, add, subtract, show equal groups and have a beautiful design or pattern emerge and trump the goal for your lesson?  I've had students who can do the task at hand but it takes more time because patterns and designs emerge.  I've been working with my tools this way for a couple of years now and our math work is far more focused.

Geoboards - 7 x 7 pin
Geoboards - 11 x 11 pin
3D geometry blocks - solid wood
1 inch wooden cubes
1" ceramic tiles
geometry shape templates

base ten blocks - ones
base ten blocks - tens
base ten blocks - hundreds
unifix cubes, sorted by color
pattern blocks
attribute blocks

1" color tiles - red
1" color tiles - blue
1" color tiles - yellow
1" color tiles - green
plastic bears - red
plastic bears - blue
plastic bears - yellow
plastic bears - green

half inch graph paper
one inch graph paper
various dice
learning links

counting sticks - popsicle sticks
various rulers
Everyday Math decks of cards
Normal playing cards
sorting circles
pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters
dollar bills

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