Thursday, August 7, 2014

New to Me - Judy Cox

There are so many books and I am discovering new books on my reading journey I would like to share with you.  Judy Cox, wrote The Secret Chicken Society.  The title of this book caught my attention.   I had to pick up this book because I wanted to know what creates a secret chicken society. I have hatched chicken eggs a few times in my classroom over the years so I had a lot of background schema for this story.  My background knowledge made the first half of this book feel like a snapshot of my teaching life.  I kept thinking this is truly realistic, all the way.  This might not be the best book to read while you are hatching chick eggs or prior to hatching chick eggs.  It really covers a lot of life cycle content.  However, if you can't or don't want to hatch eggs but share the experience with students this would be the perfect book!

The chickens need to leave the classroom and in a turn of events, Daniel is able to bring all five chickens home.  He is convinced he has five hens until a rooster crows from the backyard.  This is not good news.  Hens are allowed for backyard farming in his neighborhood but crows are not.  Now, I bet you can figure out the need for a secret society.  I love the relationships between young and old.  I love how animals can help mend.  I love how you have to let something you love go.

Here are three lines I love from this story and hope you find, if you pick this book up.

"People take dogs. Therapy dogs. It's good for the patients.  Why not  therapy chicken?"

"Besides," added Dad, "weeds are just wildflowers.  Good for the birds!  Good for the bees!"

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