Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy Book Birthday, Frank!

Happy Book Birthday, Frank! by Connah Brecon.  This is Connah's first book published in the United States and I hope it receives a warm welcome in schools, libraries, and homes.  Frank is a bear.  The first page offers opportunities for predictions.  "Frank is late.  Frank was always late."  As I read these opening words, I rambled off a few reasons why I thought Frank could be late quite easily.  Only to learn my prediction was wrong.  Frank is not late because he forgot his cell phone.  Frank is not late because he left his wallet at home.  Frank is not late because his child had a had time getting out of bed.  Frank is late because he is helpful!  I want a Frank in my life.  It appears this wasn't a problem for Frank until he had to go to school.   I reread the book several times and am still questioning why Frank was late the first day of school.  For 5 days Frank is late to school and 4 of the days the reader learns why Frank is late to school.  Each time he is late he has helped someone else in need.  On the fifth day of school Franki is almost to school on time when an event happens at the school and he is needed to save the day from a Giant Zombie Lizard King.  Frank has a little bit of difficulty saving the day from the Giant Zombie Lizard King on his own and his friends are trying but they can't do it on their own either.  Then Frank has a great idea, work together!  We all need to hear this message more and be encouraged to act upon it in our daily lives.   

Connah Brecon's blog is filled with photos, sketches and his thinking which would be perfect to share with students looking for tips from published writers.   

Make sure you stop by and see the Frank! Book Trailer.  It's an adorable conversation between the author Connah Brecon and his daughter.  Her imagination and his illustrations just help you show this book will spark writing ideas for students.

I'd like to thank Running Press Kids for my review copy, September 2014.

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