Monday, September 15, 2014

Math Monday - Putting the Practices Into Action

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Today I want to share with you my new favorite professional math book, Putting the Practices Into Action, Implementing the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice K-8 by Susan O'Connell and John San Giovanni.  It instantly went to be one of my top three overall, must have resources to guide my mathematical thinking and teaching.

The whole book is showing the reader what each mathematical practice is and can be in your classroom.  "No matter how much content is "covered" in math class, students are not mathematically proficient without attention to these standards."  The mathematical practices takes the content we are teaching and requires students to apply and understand.  Each mathematical practice has it's own chapter and the chapters follow a similar format.

     -understanding the standard
     -understanding the problem solving process
     -developing strategies
     -building problem solving disposition
     -how do we get there? 
     -helpful ideas
     -classroom tips
     -classroom examples with student dialogue
If you are ever stumped when working with problem solving there are lots of questions to ask and ponder.  A list of great questions is provided and shared in the book.  There are a variety of sample projects to try or guide your own thinking for the students sitting in front of you.  Rich problems take a traditional problem solving situation with one answer and stretch the mathematician to think of ALL possible solutions and/or explaining their thinking.

Do you ever get stumped about what to look for in students work and how to respond?  This book can help, because each chapter comes with a list of observations to look for under the standard while problem solving and then a list of teaching moves to help guide the student forward.  If you want to understand more about the application and tips for guiding students for deeper understanding then this book is for you!

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