Saturday, February 28, 2015

Celebrate This Week - #olwnourish

Today is the perfect day to share how I embraced my one little word - nourish for 2015 participate in Ruth's Celebrate This Week community.  I really tried to be intentional and recognize what nourishes my soul for February but I made some discoveries this month that were interesting.  While February is the shortest calendar month it's been the longest month in Ohio with winter kicking in full force which makes me more anxious for spring.  Sometimes you have to enjoy what nourishes your soul and miss a photo opportunity.  Sometimes what nourishes your soul is hard and takes patience.  I'm going to ponder more but maybe nourish leads to learning and growing - inside and out.


Row 1 - final four, her dedication page, exploring German Village with good friends
Row 2 - quilt fabric shopping, #nf10for10, college visit
Row 3 - fun with data analysis, sewing, Eric Litwin and I!
Row 4 - finally fun in the snow, great pd book, quilt top
Row 5 - finally a decent snow fall, planning, fun shoes
Row 6 - quilt piecing, Girl Scout cookies, reading

1 comment :

  1. I am so jealous you met Eric Litwin! I am sure that was a fun visit for the teachers and students.
    "Sometimes what nourishes your soul is hard and takes patience." I love that and it is so true. Reminds me of my teaching journey. The hard work and learning is so worth it.
    Let's hope we see spring soon!