Sunday, February 22, 2015

Math Monday - Lemonade in Winter

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How could I resist this book? Lemonade in Winter A Book About Two Kids Counting Money by Emily Jenkins is so perfect for any of us experiencing a cold and snowy winter.  We finally had a decent snowfall this past weekend and I happened to buy this book when the windchill was -21 keeping us home from school.  

Lemonade in Winter is a great book to jumpstart problem solving using money.  Pauline is observing the winter conditions through her winter and announces they should have a lemonade stand.  Her parents don't agree and support a few reasons why this idea will not work.  Her younger brother John-John is willing and excited to help.  Counting and finding out the total amount of quarters is the focus of this story.  They gather all the quarters they can find to go supply shopping.   The supply shopping trip summary is the reader's first experience with adding money for a total amount.  They hurry home, make their recipes, and set up their business.  As you can imagine the street is quite empty on this snowy day.  They brainstorm lots of ideas for business; they advertise, provide entertainment, have a sale, and make decorations.  


This page right here is when I would stop showing the illustrations and read just half of the text.  Then I'd let small groups or math partners problem solve together, finding out how much money Pauline and John-John made from their lemonade sale.  After the students share solutions, I'd return to the book by rereading this page and share this illustration.  Pauline and John-John are a bit sad after they figure out how much money they made but find a solution to make them feel better.  I'm so excited about finding this at our local Half Price Bookstore, it was just $5.00!

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  1. I'm in (better late than never to link up!) with some amazing 5th grade work.