Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#WonderChat and #nf10for10

I'm so excited to share I am co-hosting a #WonderChat this coming Monday night with my friend Cathy Mere.  We are honored they contacted us and saw value in our #nf10for10 event, coming up later this month.  Connecting with Wonderopolis feels just right in many ways.  They produce nonfiction pieces of writing for readers to read.  They encourage readers to ask questions and be inquisitive.  They provide lots of tools to engage readers with comprehension strategies and vocabulary learning.  

Cathy and I have generated some fun questions to think about combining Wonderopolis with nonfiction picture books.  We have some tidbits to share with participants during our chat.  I'm really excited about all of these tidbits but I'm bursting at the seams about one in particular that I have to give you a little hint about right now!  

I have an early #nf10for10 post coming out that night where I pair a Wonder with a nonfiction picture book.  I'm convinced there's a wonder for almost any nonfiction picture book out there.  It was so EASY to find a wonder and connect it with one of my favorite nonfiction books for this post.  

I hope you can join us this coming Monday!  
Encourage your friends to come too!

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