Thursday, February 4, 2016

Kylie Jean Green Queen by Marci Peschke

Kylie Jean Green Queen by Marci Peschke is a perfect book for second grade because Kylie is a second grader!  I love books with characters the same age as my students.  There's always an automatic connection.  Kylie Jean is spunky, self motivated, and fun.  She lives in Texas.  Her favorite color is pink.  An interesting fact about Kylie Jean is she has two brothers but one of them is her dog.  She refers to her dog Ugly Brother throughout her story as an actual brother.  I think students will get the giggles each time they hear about Ugly Brother.  

What I love the most about this book is the message that younger children can make a difference and come up with good ideas.  We need more books empowering children.  Kylie Jean over hears the fifth graders talking about their project for Earth Day and decides she wants to create her own project because the fifth graders never think the second graders can do anything.  In sharing her idea with friends, they decide they could organize a playground clean up day at school.  Kylie Jean and her friends not only launch this project but get the whole town involved to make a positive difference. Kylie Jean has a knack for asking the right person to help with a specific job.  While reading how the project develops, the reader will also follow two story lines about goals.  Kylie Jean hopes to be a beauty queen and her grandmother the president of the Garden Club.  Of course the goals are met but the journey there is cute and charming.  

Along the journey the reader will learn many factual tips for conserving energy and water.  Things that can be done on a daily basis to live out the mission of Earth Day.  Making this a perfect read aloud right before Earth Day this year.  I was happy to learn this is Kylie Jean's newest book but there are more Kylie Jean books! I'm still wondering why I am just meeting this adorable character.

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