Friday, March 25, 2016

Slice of Life - Daffodils

shades of yellow
cream, mellow, light
sunny, typical, warm
tropical, rich, bright

sudden burst of orange

6 rounded flat petals
center circular - dimensional
within the center - yellow tubes reaching
reaching for the day to begin

After an early morning walk, I wanted to embrace spring by bringing my daffodils inside.  It was a perfect morning to collect flowers that were still fresh but bent a bit from the rain last night.  I picked two big handfuls and started plotting where to put them.  Daffodils have skinny stems so they need a small opening to stand upright.  My grandmothers old glass milk jugs were great and filled three vases for each room downstairs.  I filled a trio of smaller cases and placed them together in the dining room window.  Nothing says spring like fresh flowers.  The combination of fresh flowers and a bit of my grandmother  might be something to ponder with my observations above for another piece sometime.

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  1. Daffodils are so pretty - you captured their details perfectly with your words. How I long for more flowers outside!

  2. Bringing spring into the house just lights up a room. How lucky that you have so many daffodils to bring in. I used to have that, but sadly I no longer have daffodils in my yard, however, I will have tulips. They might just find their way into the house.