Thursday, March 10, 2016

Slice of Life - A Quick Stop and Notice

rain - rainy - raining
soppy - soaked - saturated
daffodils - doubled -
earthworms - enlarged - everywhere

It's been a long day.  A full day with students and then 11 parent teacher conferences back to back.  Not enough time outside today or steps and walks but in just my walk from the van to the house door I stopped and noticed.  In my notebook, I wrote a vertical list with a  few more things but enjoyed playing around with a shorter list horizontally.  I think I'll put this version in the notebook too.

Thank you to the Two Wrtiting Teachers group for hosting our writing community and you can enjoy the other slices from today by stopping by the link provided.

1 comment :

  1. Love the horizontal extensions of your noticing! You are making me think that I could do more of this quick jotting of noticings and use them later.