Saturday, May 7, 2016

Celebrate This Week - Field Trips

This week I'm celebrating field trips.

I was able to take 20 students to our local Ohio Historical Society Museum this week and the day was perfect.  I had five parent chaperones.  I could place four students in each group.  I could float and spend time with each student; watching them enjoying and exploring artifacts from history.  Their natural interest, inquiry, and wondering made our day full of interactions about exploring changes over time.  The rain held off and there was moments of sunshine to brighten our day.

Each year I can't wait for students to start exploring the toys in the courtyard of the old village.  The minute the stilts come out of the box, I have to hide my excitement.  I wait until the students try the stilts on their own and then I have an introduction to join in the fun.  I can model how to walk on stilts!  Stilts are not historically from my childhood but they were a part of my childhood because my grandparents shared a piece of theirs with me.  My grandfather built a set of low and high stilts and they were always a hit at the family reunions grandma planned and hosted.  

Just like a lesson in the classroom, I model walking on the stilts, I offer my successful tips for stilt walking, and then I provide some support while different students try to walk on the stilts.  They don't pick it up the first time they try but they are willing to try and that is the first step in learning anything.  While field trips enhance the curriculum, they foster communities by creating memories and fostering connections.

Thank you Ruth at Ruth Ayers Writes for encouraging us to find celebrations in daily lives.  If you need to read more positive things stop by this weeks linkup.  


  1. What a fun experience for the kids! I love how the stilts connect you to your own childhood memories - that must come through so beautifully for your kids.

  2. Love your story about the trip, and that 'added' surprise about the stilts. They were a big part of my childhood, and I can walk on them too! What fun to do a little showing off to your students, Mandy!

  3. Field trips are so good for so many reasons. So much more that the curriculum of the location or activity. We learn about ourselves and how we fit into the world. How we connect to our students and our past. How fun to get to walk on stilts!

  4. I bet the students love seeing this! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Too much fun. I'll bet they already know about the stilts and are waiting for you to model your expertise.

  6. Stilts and balancing - two things that are not part of my routine but definitely one that you seem to be good at. I am glad that you were excited about your field trip. I learned last year that changing the word field trip to field work gives students a real world slant to exploring.