Thursday, May 5, 2016

Finding a Purpose for Writing {Poetry Friday}

This week I felt success as a writing teacher.  It wasn't during a mini lesson, a conferences, or a sharing at the end of writing workshop.  It didn't happen during writing workshop.  It happened while reading darling notes from my students for Teacher Appreciation Week.  All the work we do in school is really important and essential.  However, does all the work we do really matter if students only do it within our classroom walls?  

I received notes from so many students that were just lovely.  Most of them were of a narrative nature with kind words about our time together but two notes made me stop and think about our current poetry unit of writing really mattering.  Two of my students found a purpose to write poetry at home and I am blessed they have these thoughts.

My Teacher

When the bell rings
I go to class
I can't wait
to see her
My teacher
makes me laugh
her name is Mrs. Robek 

Your a great 
teacher with
many features
because your a 

your funny, your
happy, and far far

Radiant, shining light.
Open minded.
Big hearted.

Thank you to Sylvia at Poetry for Children for hosting Poetry Friday this week.  You will want to see her collection of poems for Mother's Day.  


  1. Aww! Heartwarming :-) "Kindred" is quite a compliment!

  2. This made me smile so I can imagine the joy that filled your heart.

  3. All beautiful, but I really love that acrostic, Mandy.

  4. Such a blessing to receive handwritten notes. My favorite teacher appreciation gifts ever! And poetry too! Best gift ever.

  5. Great acrostic. Well done.

  6. Love it. What purposeful, heartfelt writing. Lucky kids!

  7. Thanks for joining our Poetry Friday gathering this week! And thanks also for sharing your teaching and your students with us-- perfect for this week, in particular!

  8. Those moments when we are allowed to glimpse the ways our teaching has really soaked into the learners -- priceless.