Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Anticipation and Faith {Slice of Life}

Low tide.
An opportunity to see the dolphins.
I've waited two years.

We are walking the beach.
Just N and I.
Three more join us.
The inlet seems further away.
Three leave us.

Faith keeps two walking.
Anticipation keeps us going,
Maybe a pinch of determination.
We see beach goers headed back.
Maybe we missed them.
Faith and anticipation turn into hope.

We arrive hopeful.
We scan the beach.
We wait with anticipation.
We start relying on faith and believing,
they will come.

This is at Seabrook Island in South Carolina.  One of the few places in the world where dolphins strand feed.  For more information - from the National Wildlife Federation.

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  1. Wow- I am so glad you had faith and hope and determination. I've never seen anything like this or heard of strand feeding. Those moments when nature takes our breath away make for great slices!

  2. So glad you waited in faith and shared the video with us! So fun!

  3. I've only seen them from afar or in a zoo. How amazing!

  4. Wow - we have never seen or heard of that before. So cool to share with your class -- love that you wrote a poem about it. I feel an information piece coming on as well!!! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh,that's wonderful! Definitely worth the wait!!!

  6. This is beautiful. Love that you included the video. Love that you wrote during your lunch break!! Thanks for slicing!

  7. You stretch the moment out and make me feel the same anticipation, hope, (doubt), and joy!