Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mrs. Moody in the Birthday Jinx

Mrs. Moody in the Birthday Jinx by Megan McDonald is the newest addition to the Judy Moody and Friends series.  It was just released last week and I'm happy to add it to our classroom library.  The reader learns early on Mrs. Moody's birthdays turn out as something went-wrong-not-right.  Judy takes charge and rallies her father to make the perfect birthday cake and encourages her brother to make a homemade gift.  Judy is insisting things are handmade to show their mother they really do care; handmade is best.  This makes Judy my kind of girl.  

However, as you can predict things go a little wrong.  It actually becomes interesting to see how many things can go wrong and it's not always bad things happening it's just the reality of being a parent and your kids having needs or not liking sushi food for your birthday lunch.  One of the funniest mishaps was when Judy convinces her dad to make the perfect carrot cake.  He makes the cake and works really hard but it's a white cake not an orange cake.  Can you guess what vegetable he used instead of carrots?

Quite often children's books have a little nugget for adults to enjoy and this book had just what I needed to read and maybe someone in your life needs it too.  Mom is convincing Judy her birthday wasn't jinxed and things were okay.

"Noise is the sound of family," said Mom.  "And the best birthdays are full of noise."

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