Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lost Time, Gained... {Slice of Life Story Challenge}

I was planning out about an hour of my time this evening and feeling a bit cranky from my day.  I really think losing an hour of time just felt awkward; leading to a cranky feeling inside.  As I made my plans to buy new makeup sponges, fold and sort 1 basket of laundry, water my plants, purge/organize/clean my small makeup collection, and walk my dogs the cranks started to fade away a little bit.  I had an hour where I knew no one needed me but the real fading started to happen when I realized if I worked fast I could walk my dogs at twilight just before 8pm.  

I love to be outside walking or running at this time.  The neighborhood is often settling in, bringing a sense of stillness.  The sky is changing colors right before my eyes.  I take the same one mile loop in the morning and evening.  Tonight I walked a little quicker to catch the sky on the way back in the background over a small pond.  When we stopped here for a break, I noticed a star or two peaking out shimmering within the extra hours of daylight.  Maybe they are celebrating too.  

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for organizing Slice of Life Story Challenge.


  1. I love how your frustration with losing an hour faded as the day went on. Thanks for sharing your story

  2. Isn't it wonderful to have the light at the end of the day last longer?! I love that. It gives me energy! I often feel a bit cranky at some point on Sundays. There is always so much to do. I'm glad walking your dogs and enjoying the shimmering stars turned your day around.

  3. I LOVE the later days, even at the loss of a little sleep. The hardest day will be tomorrow for me! Not sure if it is because it's Monday, or I'm still adjusting!

  4. So happy to read through your cranky with you to arrive at your beautiful final paragraph!

  5. I couldn't find you on TWT page so I went in search of you on my own!!! I caught up on your slices -- we really do live in two time zones when it comes to writing and there are so many slicers this year it is difficult to find people. I love your daughter's room!!! I want to come stay. I felt the same way yesterday -- just never quite felt like I caught up. I ran at 4:00 - late for me, but it was so cold here yesterday. It helped a bit, but not enough. I love how you ended with the stars celebrating. We are bracing for two feet of snow - so I will hold your thought!